About Us

Hitchcock Motoring Media (HMM) has been delivering automotive content for a wide range of communication outlets since 1997. While our primary passion is “youngtimer” European cars, we can get enthusiastic about anything with four wheels. (We’re also big fans of railroads and airplanes.)  We often joke that we can have fun driving absolutely anything. But the truth is: we actually can!

rbhReed Hitchcock is the Principal/Owner of HMM. Reed was reared on Fiats, Alfas, Opels, Volkswagens, and Mercedes-Benz. In 21 years of marriage he has owned in excess of 120 cars – and written at least something about each and every one of them (if just a “for sale” ad).  Among the professional outlets Reed has written and/or photographed for are:

  • Mercedes Enthusiast magazine (UK)
  • Bimmer magazine (defunct)
  • Classic Mercedes magazine (UK)
  • Bring a Trailer (web)
  • Classic Motorsports magazine
  • der Vorganger (club magazine)
  • Lode Star (club magazine)
  • Totally That Stupid (web)
  • The SL Market Letter
  • Selective Motors, Inc. (Dealer, VA, closed)
  • The Star magazine
  • CLDA Magazine – The publication of the customized logistics industry

In addition, Reed holds membership in the following organizations:

  • The National Press Club
  • Motor Press Guild
  • Washington Automotive Press Association


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