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Automobiles have been television and film stars since the early days of moving pictures. From the early Abbott and Costello film “Two Tars” to the epic racing picture “Le Mans” to blockbusters like the remake of “Gone In 60 Seconds” and more recently “Baby Driver,” the automotive characters receive top visual billing right up there next to the humans.

We specialize in age- and environment-appropriate vehicles, as well the automotive continuity of the subjects. We also have contacts throughout the automobile world enabling us to source the perfect vehicle for your production.

Automotive Continuity

Hitchcock Motoring Media’s (HMM) automotive continuity service is the brainchild of long-time friend, colleague, and collaborator Jonathan Bush.

Regardless of medium, in many cases the automobile is the star of a scene, an advertisement, or an entire production. And as with any other star, the integrity and continuity of the character’s identity must be preserved. Otherwise, the character’s facade is diluted, or simply falls apart.

With film and television, Automotive Continuity focuses on irregularities and gaps such as “healing” automobiles (vehicles whose damage level varies from one scene to the next), automotive accuracy (incorrect vehicle stylings, or vehicles which are incomplete), and automotive anachronisms (vehicles not in their correct time period). In advertising we watch for reflections, production equipment interference, and external forces acting on the automotive subject.

HMM provides pre-production and on-set direction, as well as post-production evaluation. We provide real-time observation as scenes and images are created, and provide feedback from dailies. We consult directly with the production staff and directors to ensure faultless accuracy and continuity. Many gaps in continuity can be pinpointed and remedied before a scene is filmed, while others can be rectified digitally in post-production. Regardless of origin, with our expertise, complete automotive continuity is easily attainable.

Vehicle Sourcing

One of the benefits from having played in and around automobiles and their keepers for a very long time is that you get to know a lot of people. If you don’t know those people, you certainly learn how to find them. HMM is well-placed to locate the vehicles that will complete your television or film project.

As we said above, sometimes the cars are the stars. But even when they’re not, they can make or break the scene. Because for Car Geeks like us – and we are everywhere – there are times we lose interest in the story but the cars can still hold our attention.

We work with directors and production staff to review your project needs, identify appropriate candidate vehicles, and coordinate logistics to and from the production site. We can manage projects on-site or remotely, depending on your project needs and budgets. We want your project to succeed, because sometimes it really is all about the cars!

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