What We Do


The printed word is not dead! It’s just now cohabiting with every manner of electronic media. Regardless of the outlet, we source interesting cars and interesting people, and then tell their stories. We also have a talent for making the most out of the seemingly mundane.

Our portfolio ranges from long-form feature articles and road tests to short-form running reports and blogs. We can source the subjects for you, or we will happily work with your referral. Click HERE to learn more about our journalism services.

Automobile Retailer Services

Successful retailers are filled with individuals who are often shrewd negotiators and tough businesspeople. Some are highly knowledgeable. Many, however, are not great communicators. We believe an auto retailer can stand above the crowd through simple, yet effective, communication.

We look at each vehicle in a retailer’s collection as having a story to tell, and we enable you and your staff to tell it. Imagine a J. Peterman catalog, but for your inventory. We also specialize in communicating with your existing customer base. After all, doesn’t the best business come through existing clients and referrals? Click HERE for more information on our auto dealer services.

Television and Film Consultation

Many people watch television and film as fans seeking a great story, or an escape, and we here at HHM are no different. Right up until the cars come on the screen. At that point, we become the worst critics you can imagine, training our eyes on self-healing and anachronistic vehicles.

We specialize in age- and environment-appropriate vehicles, as well the automotive continuity of the subjects. We also have contacts throughout the automotive world enabling us to source the perfect car for your production. Learn more about our television and film consultation services HERE.

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