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Car dealers. Everyone loves to hate them. They’re all out to pull the wool over your eyes with the ol’ bait and switch, right?

As in every sales business, there are great, honest proprietors and there are the shady characters. Regardless, everyone seems to get painted with the lowest-common-denominator brush when it comes to selling cars, and it’s up to the good guys to prove them wrong. Even if they are guilty until proven innocent.

Hitchcock Motoring Media (HMM) is experienced in advertising your inventory in creative ways, elevating you away from the competition. We also help you engage with your existing customer base, ensuring not only do they return for their next purchase but also refer their friends.

Sales and Advertising

HMM will work with you to develop content to advertise your inventory on your own website as well as in special-interest publications, on motoring-specific websites and classified outlets, and through online auctions.

We don’t write the same old templated “buy my creampuff” ad, with canned boilerplate listing only the miles, condition, and a list of original options. We let the car help tell the story, conveying the “why” as much as the “what.” We meticulously research special interest and exotic models as applicable. We can be as creative or as data-driven as you like, working with you on a style that best fits your business.

HMM can utilize your existing website, or we can consult with you to establish a web presence befitting the image you wish to convey to your clients. We can also, as necessary, arrange photography for your inventory based on an established list of shots.

Client Experience

HMM believes a big part of the reputation problem automobile retailers have stems from their insincerity and/or lack of attention regarding the client experience.

Clients are more savvy than ever, and many come to the table well-armed with information. These folks are passionate and engaged, and they will not accept the classic, clichéd retailer paradigms. That isn’t to say you have to sell them their dream car at a loss. Indeed, you are in business to make a living. They need to understand that on top of everything else. All of these variables come together in every touchpoint, and every touchpoint with the client is an opportunity to build the relationship.

We can help develop the messaging and touchpoints for your sales process, and we will work with you on actions you can take to keep the relationship strong and positive. Personalized communication and a firm handshake are only the beginning. From the moment they contact you, to the first in-person meeting, to the client driving off in their new dream, we have many creative solutions to enhance the client experience.

We can also work with you to develop retailer newsletters, from basic concepts and best practices to complete production and distribution. We can plan and stage-manage client recognition events and other programs designed to encourage your clients return, perhaps even when they’re not necessarily in the market.

CONTACT US to start a conversation about how we can creatively add value to your clients’ experiences with their retailer!

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